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Walter Murray Collegiate creates fused glass art Inukshuks

Grade 10-12 students at Walter Murray Collegiate created pieces of fused glass art showing an Inukshuk.  The learning involved in […]

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F-L-S: Food, Love Service Café

Students brainstormed meal ideas, made shopping lists, went to the grocery stores, practiced money handling, followed recipe instructions, and set and cleaned up the kitchen and “café” area.


“We built this community.”  Bedford Road’s B Active Program

Pandemic teaching came with challenges galore, but a bright spot for me was this group of young women who were so grateful to be back at school.  They completely bought into my personal mission of creating strength and confidence through movement.


Circus arts experience helps students get active, build confidence

W.P. Bate’s school’s circus arts program launched in physical education classes and grew into an extracurricular opportunity that brings together students of all ages and experience for regular practices.


Taking learning outside and bringing the outside learning inside

There is a buzz in the air as Buena Vista School’s youngest learners gather in front of the school to […]


Important self-regulation tools support students

Creating both a sensory room and a body break room has allowed us to effectively respond to needs identified by our school community. Having an active space with a clear focus on movement and a different and distinct space that focuses on calming and regulation allows for school staff to be responsive to a student’s specific need. It supports and develops student choice and independence and provides the tools and strategies students need to self-regulate as well as advocate for their needs.


STEM education kits expand student learning in science and math

Cardboard, compact discs and DVDs, outdated electronics, and a variety of other obsolete or unused materials are repurposed for hands-on […]


Culture Camp provides a unique opportunity for land based learning.

“Since I was little I always wanted to go to Brightwater and help with the hide. This year when we […]