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Everybody has a story. And there's something to be learned from every experience.


There is no more important, longer-lasting, future-deciding issue than early education.

Alice Kuipers and Yann Martel believe in ensuring every student is set up for success. As authors, their books allow readers to experience the world though words. As parents, they understand the importance of early learning and literacy and the impact it has on individual students, schools, families, and society.


Catherine Weenk and Pat Boot are All In

With their All In endowment match of $2.25 million, they will be investing over $3.75 million to support our youngest learners struggling to achieve Grade 3 reading in Grade 3.


Tailoring My Donations to Fit My Soul

My husband and I have our decades-long passion projects, plus we contribute in smaller ways to several worthy causes. We learn as much as we can about other needs, and when new causes catch our attention, we carefully assess our skills, time, and budget before expanding our interests. 


Brownlee Family

The Brownlee Family Foundation has identified the Early Learning Equal Start Campaign as the philanthropic cause closest to their hearts.