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Equal learning opportunity is a fundamental right.

Early childhood literacy is the foundation for preventing poverty, improving health, and building strong economies.

Our goal is to help young learners achieve 100% Grade 3 Level Literacy by Grade 3.

Early Learning Equal Start

Literacy has a profound impact over a lifetime and begins at an early age.

SPSF is raising funds above and beyond government funding, giving students the needed support to reach key literacy milestones and the best chance for success. Our goal is 100% Grade 3 level literacy by Grade 3. This will set our children up for success, strengthening our schools, our community, and our province.

We’ve launched a $20M campaign!

SPSF is going All In to help students reach their learning potential.

All In

Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation is going
All In to help students reach their learning potential!

Establish a Legacy of Readers

Please help us build a $5 Million All In endowment to continue the important work of the Early Learning Equal Start Campaign! Every Dollar Matters. Whether it’s $2 or $200, all donations will be matched up to $2.5 Million thanks to a generous donor!

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