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Circus Arts at Sylvia Fedoruk and City Park Schools – A Power Up Project

Over 750 students and 15 staff members were able to participate in the new Circus Arts programs at Sylvia Fedoruk school and City Park school.

Lyndon Proctor and Mel Gesell were the teachers leading the 2023-2024 Power Up Project, and received $3,000 from Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation (SPSF) for the Circus Arts program.

The program was a smashing success, and more teachers in City Park and Sylvia Fedoruk schools took an interest in learning about circus arts, and including the activities and skills into their own program planning. The students were highly interested too; there were over 50 kids in the circus arts club!

a parent and their child demonstrating tossing rings back and forth as part of a three-way conference.

“Circus arts in physical education gave our students a different perspective on physical literacy and served as an equalizer for students of different backgrounds…Circus arts allowed for physical literacy, movement, and joy!”

Circus arts programs allow physical education to be accessible and inclusive for students of many different backgrounds and abilities. It also encourages a new perspective of physical education as more than competitive sports or games. Circus arts are also very easily adapted to make the skills more difficult for older students in higher grades.

Sharing Circus Arts with Others!

Over 20 SPS teachers engaged in circus arts professional developments, and 26 teachers and admin attended a “Creating equitable movement spaces in schools” professional learning session with Dr. Brian Culp. Secondly, circus arts was also featured at the Physical and Health Education Canada (PHE Canada) national conference. 7 students, 4 parents, and 8 teacher leaders led a three-hour workshop in May of this year. During the City Park conferences, students were also able to share and showcase their circus arts learning with their families. The SPSF Victory Lap in June was additionally supported by 3 Saskatoon Public Schools teachers who led a circus arts centre.