Confidentiality Policy - Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation

Confidentiality Policy


The standard of behavior at Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation (SPSF) is that all staff, volunteers, and Directors scrupulously protect personal information that may be available to them as part of the day to day activities of the SPSF.


  • Protect the privacy of donors, volunteers, students and Saskatoon Public Schools.
  • Protect the integrity of Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation’s governance and donations information
  • Enable our stakeholders to have confidence in our integrity
  • Protect the integrity and reputation of volunteers, staff, and Directors


In the course of working, meeting or participating in SPSF activities, staff, Directors and volunteers will use the highest standards of confidentiality when using, storing or sharing information.
Directors, staff or volunteers who don’t respect the Confidentiality Policy will face disciplinary, and possibly, legal action.