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Nutrien Food 4Thought Nutrition Program reaches $1.45M

Noralee Bradley, Executive VP & Chief Legal Counsel, Nutrien; Zeba Ahmad, SPSF ED; Stephanie Yong, SPSF Board Chair

Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation is grateful to Nutrien for their long standing commitment to supporting students of Saskatoon Public Schools. As a global leader in food solutions, Nutrien understands that helping students reach their learning potential starts with good nutrition. This year, Nutrien demonstrated its ongoing commitment to helping students at Saskatoon Public Schools by generously contributing $150,000 to the Nutrien Food4Thought Nutrition Program, bringing the corporation’s total contributions over 9 years to an incredible $1.45 million.

In 2020-21 over 650,000 servings of healthy breakfasts, snacks and lunches were provided to students across the city. Nutrien’s gift has also helped contribute to the success of school gardens and food education, both of which build important understanding and skills in young learners.

I couldn’t make it through the day if we didn’t have lunch and fruit here.

Student, Bedford Road Collegiate, September 2021

I notice children are not stopping to say ‘I’m hungry’ during the lessons. In the past, students would be distracted by hunger. When I am working with a student who is sleepy, I can rule out food or blood sugar levels due to hunger. This helps me eliminate one barrier to learning.

Kelli Bell, Teacher, W.P. Bate Community School