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Nutrien Food4Thought Nutrition Program

Supporting Healthy Active Schools

It’s hard to learn on an empty stomach.

Helping students reach their learning potential starts with a healthy lifestyle, yet every day thousands of children arrive at school without the nutrition they need to be successful in the classroom.

Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation school-based nutrition programs help ensure students are well-nourished, ready to learn and poised for academic success. 

Despite our best efforts, the Foundation is only able to support 40% of current school nutrition needs.

Mobilizing Support 

School division personnel do their best to provide food to as many students as possible. Each year Saskatoon Public Schools allocates significant funds to student nutrition, however there continues to be a critical need for far more support than the school division can capably provide while continuing to meet its core educational objectives. 

The Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation has responded to this urgency by partnering with Nutrien through the Nutrien Food4Thought Nutrition Program. The program provides funding for schools to purchase nutritious food and offset the costs for school nutrition workers. Students benefit from the program by having their immediate hunger needs met while also learning about healthy eating practices, food preparation and healthy lifestyles. 

Meals and snacks are prepared by students, volunteers, parent helpers, and school nutrition workers. Breakfasts consist of hot or cold cereals, a variety of fruits and vegetables, whole wheat breads and dairy products. School lunches offer a nice variety of food choices such as veggies and dip, sandwiches, wraps, yogurt and fruit and hot meals like spaghetti, soups and casseroles. Snack foods include cheese and crackers, fresh cut fruit, granola, and veggies and dip. 

The nutrition program currently supports fourteen elementary schools and five secondary schools across Saskatoon Public Schools.

Thanks to Nutrien’s generous support, the program provides 760,000 servings of healthy breakfasts, snacks and lunches to vulnerable students each year in addition to the existing support from Saskatoon Public Schools.

“Our nutrition program is also an opportunity for students to learn. Our senior students help prepare the mid-morning snack for our entire student body. They learn about how best to group foods for optimal nutritional benefits, food safe procedures, portion control and collaborative food preparation. Our younger students help with the delivery of the daily snack. They are responsible for the preparation, planting and maintaining of our garden beds as well. At times members of the community come into the school and work with our students sharing their gifts on traditional food preparation.”

~Vincent Massey School


Supporting student nutrition makes a world of difference for thousands of children in our community. Your support will help us meet immediate needs and nourish the academic achievement and future growth of our children and youth.

I sometimes use the lunch line and get a sandwich, fruit and vegetables. I take a snack like fruit, crackers and cheese. If I didn’t get the food, my day would be bad because I would feel sick. I wouldn’t be able to learn because I would be thinking about food instead and listening to my stomach making sounds. Thank you for all the food that you give our school.

~W.P. Bate School Student

Opportunities for Support 

Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation invites our community partners to invest in student success by making a contribution to support school-based nutrition programs. Contributions can be structured in a number of meaningful and creative ways that align with your values and giving priorities. 

Here is how your donation would make a difference

$200,000Support student nutrition programs in ten schools for an entire year
$40,000Sponsor one month of nutrition for all public schools
$20,000Cover one school’s nutrition needs for an entire year
$10,000Fund one school’s nutrition costs for half the school year

Recognizing Your Support

We value our partners and make it a priority to acknowledge their contributions. We work closely with supporters to construct a recognition plan that meets their needs. Examples of recognition include:

  • Naming opportunities and custom branding for major sponsors
  • Special events at a local school for media and the community
  • Signage inside schools and the Saskatoon Board of Education office
  • Recognition through online and print advertising
  • Communications directly to Saskatoon Public Schools students and families   

Hungry children have a difficult time concentrating and are less receptive to learning than their peers from food-secure households.

If you’re interested in getting involved please reach out or visit our corporate partnership page to learn more about how you can help!