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$2.25M to the All In Endowment

All In Public Launch October 5, 2021

We are so grateful for Catherine and Pat. Since 2013, they have generously contributed over $1.5 million to Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation. With their All In endowment match of $2.25 million, they will be investing over $3.75 million to support our youngest learners struggling to achieve Grade 3 reading in Grade 3.

Please join us in this meaningful campaign.

We strongly believe Literacy and Education are the cornerstones of opportunity and key to kids avoiding a life of poverty. Governments don’t fund one-on-one tutoring for kids below grade level in reading. If a child doesn’t read at grade level by the end of grade three statistics show they most likely won’t graduate. This leads to a life of unemployment or crime and is a burden on social services and the community. We believe every child deserves an equal opportunity to graduate from high school and reach their full potential. Saskatchewan has the lowest level of literacy in Western Canada and in Saskatoon Public Schools 28% of all students do not read at grade level by grade three. Because of this we started the Early Learner Tutor Program in 2013, together with Saskatoon Public Schools, to provide one-on-one tutoring so no child would be left behind.

Catherine Weenk and Pat Boot