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We’re giving Saskatoon students the tools they need to reach their learning potential.

Board of Directors


Stephanie Yong

Consultant, Stephanie Yong Consulting; Lecturer, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

I love being busy and working hard and for me, work life balance doesn’t quite exist but I like it. When I do have some downtown, I love to cook and eat, drink wine and be active whether its going to the gym, cycling, or anything to keep me moving!

I support SPSF because I believe we can have the most impact when children are young to help support, guide and provide them with the necessary resources and programming to help them make positive choices for the future. Education is crucial to help shape the future our future leaders.

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Vice Chair

Wayne Brownlee

Former CFO and Executive Vice President of Nutrien and Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan

Currently, Vice Chair of Wanuskewin Heritage Park and past Chairman of Saskatoon Community Foundation

I have been involved with the Saskatoon Public School Foundation for several years and am a strong believer in investing in our future, which is the youth of the Province and Saskatoon.   There is no hope for a child unless there is education, allowing children to grow up and meaningfully participate in the economy and in the community.   This is a responsibility of society as a whole and is the greatest gift we can leave as a legacy.

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Chair, Audit & Finance Committee

Jesse Radu

Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP

In my professional life I love working with charities and non-profits and helping them with their accounting and financial reporting needs. Public practice continues to be a passion as it gives a tremendous amount of variety day-to-day and allows me to work with different clients every day. At home, I love reading and playing board games with family and friends.

SPSF was my first time being a Board member when I joined several years ago and still continues to bring satisfaction in seeing initiatives through and overseeing our finances as Treasurer. I believe in what we do and the impact we can have by supporting young learners in our community.

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Chair, Governance Committee

Ray Morrison

Trustee Saskatoon Public Schools

When I’m not busy supporting and defending public education I enjoy golf, kayaking, reading and time with my family.

I have been a supporter of the Saskatoon Public School Foundation since its creation. I believe that the foundation can have a significant impact in creating programming and opportunities for students beyond those of the school division. These targeted programs, literacy, math, nutrition, have a significant impact on student outcomes developing future citizens.

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Co-Chair, Grants Committee

Kathleen Brannen

Trustee for the Saskatoon Public School Board

In addition to her work as a Trustee, Kathleen currently works as a soloist and teaches yoga and voice in Saskatoon. She and her husband have two children attending public school. Kathleen believes in and advocates for the Saskatoon Public School Division’s vision that every child be known, valued and believed in.

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Co-Chair, Grants Committee

Janet Uchacz-Hart

Executive Director,  Saskatoon Industry Education Council

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Chair, Fund Development & Communications Committee

Brooke Klassen

Assistant Professor, Edwards School of Business, University of Saskatchewan

When I’m not engaging with students in the classroom or writing teaching materials that feature Saskatchewan companies, I enjoy paddle boarding with my friends and family

I am a proud supporter of the SPSF because of the tremendous impact that we can have on the local community in supporting secondary education through a variety of programs and initiatives, including those focused on early intervention, nutrition and reading

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Leanne Bellegarde, Q.C.

President, Akawe Technologies

Bridging the digital divide with thoughtful and equitable information and communication technology solutions for diverse groups is a lot like supporting equitable education solutions – a path to more options for all learners!

SPSF is committed to creating opportunities for all learners to excel.

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Marla Adams

Retired Partner/Senior Vice President (Deloitte)

Retirement allows me additional time to give back to my community and to my profession with active service on numerous boards AND to spend time with my five delightful grandchildren.

I believe in the work of the Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation and the critical role it is playing in this community.  Saskatoon has always been my home community and that of my children and grandchildren.  Initially trained as a teacher, married to a retired Teacher/Counsellor and mother of an ESL Teacher with the Saskatoon Public Schools Division I am a proud supporter of the Foundation and honored to champion its cause.

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Rylund Hunter

Lawyer, McDougall Gauley LLP and Owner, The Backyard

When I’m not working I am usually outside exploring either by skiing, hiking, sailing, canoeing and/or camping.

As a graduate of one of Saskatoon’s inner-city schools, I joined the board because I believe ensuring all children have the resources they need to learn and be successful is imperative for Saskatoon to have an equitable and prosperous future.

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Barry MacDougall

Retired Director of Education, Saskatoon Public Schools

As I transition to retirement, I am finding more time for family, running, reading, and volunteering.

I am pleased to support the SPSF because I’ve seen firsthand the powerful and positive difference the additional resources and initiatives it provides can have for the children and youth of Saskatoon.

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Shane Skjerven

Director of Education, Saskatoon Public Schools

As an educator with 27 years experience, I have always had a particular interest in mathematics instruction and the success of our community schools. In my spare time, I enjoy crossfit, running, all kinds of sports, and hanging out with my beloved chocolate lab, Weston.

I am very proud to be a member of the SPSF board as we work collectively to increase literacy rates for all our students through wonderful initiatives such as the summer literacy camps, literacy tutors, nutrition, and the early learning project.

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Nicola Bishop-Yong

Superintendent, Saskatoon Public Schools

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Executive Director

Zeba Ahmad

When I’m not at work I am hopefully biking, walking, connecting with friends, entertaining or volunteering in our community.

I am blessed with two adult children who LOVE to read.  Working with donors, teachers and families to support students develop a love of reading and achieve their potential is a dream job for me!

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Development Manager

DonnaLyn Thorsteinson, CAE

My family is the center of my life, so spending time  and making memories with them is what makes my heart full.  Keeping up with my yard and garden work occupies my spare time in the summer while driving kids to soccer, football and curling keeps me hopping the rest of the year.  I am also an active volunteer with politics and community organizations.

“I believe in the work of SPSF and am blessed to have a job that allows me to be able to contribute to ensuring all children have the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed.”

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Administrative Assistant

Carly Fuentealba

Carly enjoys travelling through our beautiful province and enjoying the great outdoors, learning new things skills and trying new recipes. As well, she enjoys spending time with loved ones and friends in her downtime.

“Working at Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation gives me the opportunity to be involved in programs and initiatives that impact the community in amazing ways. Going to work every day is a joy when you know that what you’re doing is making an impact in the lives of others.”

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