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Early Learning Equal Start Donors: We couldn’t have done it without you!

Thank you to all of our Early Learning Equal Start donors for your support. It is thanks to you that we have reached our goal of raising $20 Million.

Read more about the 3 key initiatives that the campaign has funded: Full-day, every day Kindergarten, Page Turners literacy tutors, and Camp Brain Power.

Our Early Learning Equal Start Donors

Brownlee Family Foundation

Tim Hortons Smile Cookie Campaign

Patrick Boot and Catherine Weenk

Robert and Sandra Stromberg

Colleen and Wally Mah

Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon

Gregory and Olivia Yuel

Zeba Ahmad


Monika Visvanatha

Marla and Seth Adams

Anne Neufeld

Rise Air

Garnet and Shirley Morris

Points Athabasca

Athabasca Basin Security

Barr Engineering


Mary Mogford

Jeff Montgomery

Stephanie Hughes

Ray and Cindy Morrison

Sakeena Akhtar

Barry Chapman

Cheryl Sutherland

Twisted Goods

Darien Moore

Loren MacLennan

Rylund Hunter

Brooke Klassen


Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation

Saskatoon Community Foundation


Alice Kuipers and Yann Martel

TD Ready Commitment

Jerry and Tina Grandey

North Prairie Developments

Christopher Burley

Don and Caroline Gorsalitz

Garth MacDonald

Rhonda and Greg Keller

Grant and Shannon Isaac

City of Saskatoon

Alice Laberge

Mark and Brett Thompson

Glenn and Jodi Wig

WCPD Foundation

TELUS Friendly Future Foundation

Athabasca Basin Development

Gordon and Maureen Haddock

RBC Foundation

Awasis Boutique

Asit and Ila Sarkar

Mary’s Hope Foundation Inc.

Dr. Thomas Wilson

Stephanie Yong

Allison Stromberg and Terry Johnson

Judy and Mike Thiesson

Sheryl Riis

Jim Jutras

Anita Chakravarti

Veronique Loewen


Federated Co-operatives Limited



John and Cathie Estey


Cathy and Keith Martell

Greg Porter and Patty Kirk-Porter

Dandan Xiang and Bai Yuguang

Wanuskewin Gift Shop

Mike Levine

Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation

Lyle and Carol Minogue

Community Initiatives Fund

Matt and Kimberly Coutts

Barry and Laurie Green Family

Team Drilling

Canada Basketball

Michael Linklater

Mary and Tony Banks Family

Peter Martin

KPMG Foundation

Wiegers Financial and Benefits

Leanne Bellegarde, KC

Shannon and Ryan Rogal

Rich Chapman and Andrea Jorde

Gary Smith

David and Cate Soffer

Herb McFaull

Iris Nikolaichuk

Jesse Radu and Laura Olson

Emerald Publishing

National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization

Sunrise International

Saskatoon Co-op

Saskatoon Fire and Flood

Thank you to our donors: Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon, Christopher Burley, Wanuskewin Gift Shop, Gregory and Olivia Yuel, Don and Caroline Gorsalitz, Mike Levine, Zeba Ahmad, Garth MacDonald, Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation, Orano, Rhonda and Greg Keller, Lyle and Carol Minogue, Monika Visvanatha, Grant and Shannon Isaac, Marla and Seth Adams, City of Saskatoon, Community Initiatives Fund, Anne Neufeld, Alice Laberge, and Matt and Kimberly Coutts.
Thank you to our donors: Rise Air, Mark and Brett Thompson, Garnet and Shirley Morris, Barry and Laurie Green Family, Glenn and Jodi Wig, Team Drilling, Points Athabasca, WCPD Foundation, Canada Basketball, Athabasca Basin Security, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, Athabasca Basin Development, Michael Linklater, Barr Engineering, Mary and Tony Banks Family, Westburne, Gordon and Maureen Haddock, Peter Martin, Mary Mogford, RBC Foundation, KPMG Foundation, Jeff Montgomery, Awasis Boutique, Wiegers Financial and Benefits, Stephanie Hughes, Asit and Ila Sarkar, Leanne Bellegarde, KC, Ray and Cindy Morrison, Mary’s Hope Foundation Inc., Shannon and Ryan Rogal, Sakeena Akhtar, Dr. Thomas Wilson, Rich Chapman and Andrea Jorde, Barry Chapman, Stephanie Yong, Gary Smith, Cheryl Sutherland, Allison Stromberg and Terry Johnson, David and Cate Soffer, Twisted Goods, Judy and Mike Thiesson, Herb McFaull, Darien Moore, Sheryl Riis, Iris Nikolaichuk, Loren MacLennan, Jim Jutras, Jesse Radu and Laura Olson, Rylund Hunter, Anita Chakravarti, Emerald Publishing, Brooke Klassen, Veronique Loewen, and National Council of Women of Canada Development Organization.
Thanks to our other community contributors: Nutrien, Canpotex, Sunrise International, Dakota Dunes Community Development Corporation, Federated Co-operatives Limited, Saskatoon Co-op, SaskMilk, Saskatoon Community Foundation, Saskatoon Fire and Flood, and Graham.