About - Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation

We’re giving Saskatoon students the tools they need to reach their learning potential.

Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation works in partnership with Saskatoon Public Schools to support students, schools and teachers with a focus on: literacy, wellness and innovation.

Registered Charity No. 849086491 RR 0001

A Strategic Plan

We connect students, families, schools, and communities together.

Through collaborative partnerships with local businesses, organizations and individuals we are able to build community and offer enriching support programs to those who need it most.

Enhanced learning opportunities for Saskatoon Public Schools’ students


Goal: 100% Grade 3 reading level for Saskatoon Public Schools students

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Healthy Active Schools

Goal: Access to healthy, nutritious food for students

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Empowering Innovation

Goal: Grants to accelerate innovative ideas

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We are making a meaningful contribution in the community