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Lakeridge and Willowgrove students attend Brightwater culture camp

“This was such an awesome day. My son came home and wouldn’t stop talking about all the cool things he got to do.”

Lakeridge Parent

Over 150 middle years students from Lakeridge and Willowgrove participated in a three-day culture camp at Brightwater Science, Environmental and Indigenous Learning Centre.

Students took part in a hands-on Moose Hide tanning process over the three days, learning about Indigenous cultures and education.

Day 1

  • Students removed the moose hide from the creek where it was soaking to remove the smell
  • The fur from the hide was removed and could be used to make paint brushes
  • Holes were punched in the hide so that it could be strung up in a frame
  • Students learned from an Indigenous Elder about land-based learning

Day 2

  • Students strung up the moose hide in the frame
  • They began scraping the remaining meat from the hide
  • Learned about tool maintenance and the creation of tools
  • Learned about axe throwing from an outdoor Indigenous survivalist
  • Learned more about working and learning from the land from an Indigenous Elder

Day 3

  • Continuing to scrape the moose hide
  • Discussed preparing the moose hide into a drum
  • Participated in more of the stations from Day 2

The Lakeridge and Willowgrove students donated the moose hide to the Elder to build a drum with another school in Saskatoon Public Schools.

An informal poll was taken at Lakeridge, resulting in 82% of students wanting to do a similar activity again.

“Thank you so much for allowing me to give this opportunity to so many students in the Middle Years grades at Lakeridge & Willowgrove. It is an experience that many will not ever witness again and helped students make connections with our indigenous community in a positive way.”

Lakeridge Teacher

The Lakeridge and Willowgrove Culture Camp was given $2850, funded through SPSF Power Up Projects.