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Summer Reading Camp

Literacy has a profound impact over a lifetime and begins at an early age.

Summer Reading Camp is one of four key initiatives of Early Learning Equal Start, a campaign focused on helping students achieve Grade 3 level literacy by Grade 3. According to research, student learning can regress by as much as two months over the summer, an effect educators call “Summer Slippage”. Summer slippage is particularly pronounced in children from low-income families and has been shown to have a cumulative impact. Over time, the loss in learning can result in significant achievement gaps and contribute directly to decreases in graduation rates and post-secondary schooling.

But there is good news! Summer slippage is both predictable and preventable. The solution is simple: if children continue learning over the summer months, they are less likely to experience summer slippage and better prepared to begin school with confidence in their abilities.

School staff choose which students to invite to the camp in June of each year, based on their literacy levels. Please contact your child’s teacher if you would like more information.

About Summer Reading Camp

Summer Reading Camp is a Saskatoon Public Schools Foundation initiative to promote children’s literacy and prevent learning loss over the summer months. The camp is a two-week program targeted to children in grades one to three who require additional support to reach grade-level reading. Each summer approximately 250 children have the opportunity to participate in one of many camp sites located at a nearby school.

“I love Summer Reading Camp because I love reading so much! And my Mom loves reading and my Dad loves reading because reading is so fun!”

Elaf, Age 7
2020 Summer Reading Camp Student

Program Structure

Our Summer Reading Camps utilize an inquiry-based approach to instruction that encourages students to be active and curious learners. Camp instructors are recruited from among Saskatoon Public Schools teachers and all have extensive experience with children’s literacy. A mathematics component is also included at several camps. The Summer Snack Program provides nutritious breakfast and snacks for the students during the camp.

“It’s incredibly beneficial to have students engaged in literacy in the summer. The two weeks of learning and routine help our students renew their interest in books and reading and re-introduce them to the school setting.”

Summer Reading Camp Teacher, 2020


Experienced educational consultants have developed a robust evaluation plan to ensure the highest quality of education is targeted to the children who need it most. Information collected includes student reading scores from before and after summer holidays in order to obtain a reliable measurement of learning progress. Because numbers alone do not tell the full story, anecdotal information, such as testimonials and stories from children, families and instructors is also gathered.

During the 2020 camp, the majority of students saw growth in their measured skills with 40% of students demonstrating mastery of skills.

Opportunities for Support

Summer Reading Camp is supported entirely by generous donations from individuals, organizations and businesses.

The total cost for the program is $75,000 annually or approximately $300/student. We are extremely grateful to the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon for their support of the 2021 Summer Reading Camp.